Adopted: 1927

Service Test: 1930

Discontinued: 1931

Purpose: Insulation in cramped space

Buttoned front

Buttoned Pocket Flaps

Stand-up knitted collar with buttons

Aviators in A-1 flight jackets
Aviators dressed in A-1 flight jackets in hangar late 1920s

The A-1 jacket was the first officially specified and adopted flight jacket by military. In 1927 demand was so high that it was produced by different companies. The fact that it had multiple producers resulted in varying product descriptions, but even still, they had common essential features that unified them.

Although they are comparatively simple to later models, it’s value and prestige at the time of its use was enormous. Their relevance remained even during the second world war; some fourteen years after the improved A-2 bomber jacket was introduced. Their official and formal use came to a stop after the A-2 jacket was made in 1931.