Since your last visit speed was added to East West Army. Admitted we suffered initially …. big time, but load time has now improved by approximately 1:10 ratio.

The Decision

After ongoing discussions with our previous host, it became clear that a transition is the only way. Such a decision does not come lightly, since it involves the risk of broken links, broken integrations, broken APIs, broken search engine rating and lost production time on the live site of East West Army

The Transition

Litespeed Performance
  • merging away from ancient Apache servers and onto Litespeed
  • initiating a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for distributed imaging of our site
East West Army - Content Delivery Network
East West Army – Content Delivery Network

The Gain

  • Smooth and fast surfing for you, wether you look for content or shopping
  • Global and equal accessibility around the world without delays
  • Efficient backend production for East West Army
  • Better load time is better rating within Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)