After some concideration and years of hard work from our previous design and layout, we have decided to initiate a complete make-over and site reconstruction of East West Army. Fair warning is that our interface will take a few days to get complete.

Moving On

New theme for WordPress sites is out as of Nov. 2022. Features are built in responsive code that size-adjust to your screen, hence, a lot of backend hassle to make things work everywhere will simply sort itself. Also backend layout and design takes a completely new approach. We expect a much higher production rate, once sorted and organised.

The Future

For you as a user of our site we hope to provide a much higher level of simplicity and overview, hence, a more pleasing experience while reading content, articles, shopping and even sending your reviews and feedback.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience related to the reconstruction, but also looking forward to give you the new feel.



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