F2 Camo Field Shirt - Germany


Original F2 German army flecktarn (spotted) camo pattern field shirt adopted by the Bundeswehr in the M89 uniform. The F2 features front press button storm flap and zipped closure, 2 chest buttons pockets, velcro fastened cuffs and shoulder epaulettes.

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The Bundeswehr Truppenversuch 76 (German Army Uniform Trials of 1976) is a series of tests of a number of camouflage patterns, including the Sägezahnmuster (“saw tooth” pattern), Punktmuster (“dot pattern”) and three variations of a pattern called Flecktarn (from the German Fleck, or spot, and Tarnung, or camouflage). The three flecktarn patterns are generally known as Flecktarn A (klein)/(small), Flecktarn B (groß)/(large), and Flecktarn C (Schattenmuster)/(shadow pattern). The pattern selected as most effective of the five was Flecktarn B featured in the F2 Camo Field Shirt.

In fact Denmark was the first nation to implement the spotted camouflage tested in 1978 (the T/78 pattern), and later introduced in a finalized version for their M/84 uniform. German Bundeswehr adopted and implemented the official Flecktarnmuster camouflage from the mid-1980s to be finalised in the M89 uniform. Flecktarn camouflage has since the Danish implementation come to be regarded as a highly effective and influential pattern, spawning a large number of derivative patterns in use by countries such as Denmark, Germany, Japan, Poland, China, and Belgium.

The German pattern is officially known as Funf Farben Tarndruck der Bundeswehr (Five color camouflage of the Bundeswehr), Flecktarn remains the standard issue combat uniform pattern of the German Armed Forces, with a wide variety of uniform items and field equipment being produced in this camouflage scheme.


  • German national flag on both shoulders
  • 2 chest buttons pockets
  • Front press button storm flap and zipped closure
  • Velcro fastened cuffs and shoulder epaulettes

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm


Material - Shell



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