Listen up, civilian! Military style has proven it’s more than just a fleeting trend and moved on to become a classic look for men.

Rising to prominence during World War II, the aesthetic – made up of structured coats, muted hues and masculine combat prints – is a fusion of functional uniformity, but reimagined for today’s stylish gent.

Anatomy …

Camo and Uniform is just a few of the popular ways of military styling, but they are not alone. The modern military drill is all about:


topping tailoring and urban wear with a signature parka, flight jacket, trench coat, pea or officer coat


heavy duty versions of the Derby with traction soles or Desert with crepe

Colour & Patton… Pattern

This is the most striking element of military’s attack, launching shades of olive green, cognac brown, desert sand, steel blue, navy and khaki over trousers, shirts and tees, with reworked camouflage prints in the most unlikely places before going


Burberry 2014

The Trend from the Trenches

The sleek, belted silhouette of the trench coat is hard to beat for its sophistication, versatility, and polish. This jacket can be dressed both up and down, but still manages…

Military Pea Coat

The Navy Pea Coat

The heroes at sea have provided civilians with countless modern essentials, including the peacoat. A product of 19th-century nautical attire, this cropped, double-breasted style made inroads into men’s fashion after World…

Bomber Jacket – Type MA-1

The 1940’s and 50’s brought a few changes to the bomber. This new MA-1 brought a few tweaks with a knit collar and orange liner.

Top Gun G-1

Flight Jacket – Type G-1

If there ever was a celebrity in flying jackets, the G-1 is it. It has been authorized wear for Naval Aviators almost continuously since the 1930s.


The Boot from the Desert

Desert boots derive from chukka boots. In the British Army, as the forces in 1940 joined the Western Desert Campaign in North Africa, the Desert Boot came to be...

Colour & Pattern

Camouflage or Die Trying

Camouflage is a pattern of paradox that encompasses both hiding but also being seen. Camo is the go-to military print for men looking for a fashionable edge.