M69 Soldier
M69 Officer

New uniform regulations were published in 1969 (effective 1970 – which is why they can be referred to as either M69 or M70). These regulations reflected the most significant changes to Soviet military uniforms since 1943. Virtually all 1958 era uniforms were replaced with more modern items.

Army officers received parade uniforms in the same wave-green color used by generals since 1945, while Air Force officers again received dark blue ones. (Note: although codified as a whole in the 1969 regulations, these uniforms were being worn on a very limited trial basis as early as 1965). The “gymnasterka” shirt/blouse was replaced by a new field uniform – the first major change in field uniforms since the war. Enlisted troops also received new service and parade uniforms – their first makeover since 1943.

Almost every uniform was cut different, as shirts and ties came into everyday and parade wear. As in previous uniform changes, naval personnel were affected least by these changes, retaining in large measure the overall appearance of their predecessors.