Looks with Women’s Military Style Jackets

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Military style jackets are not only for the fashion-forward. Whether your personal style is laid-back, feminine, edgy, preppy, or sophisticated, you can pair it with the season’s military-inspired jackets to achieve the look that best suits you. If you’ve desisted from getting this type of jacket because you’re not sure it works with your look, you’ll be surprised to find that its versatility is greater than you imagined.

Five Essential Military Style Jackets for Women

Be ready for anything with these military style jackets. From simple, breezy looks to ultra-sophisticated outfits, your jacket can take your outfit from average to extraordinary.

Laid Back

Whether you prefer laid-back looks as your go-to style, or you want an easy weekend fashion fix, this type of jacket can help you create an effortless, casual style that looks great and is comfortable to boot.

Women's Military Jacket

The mood: You rolled out of bed at noon, shook the sand out of your hair and slipped your boyfriend’s army greens over your denim cut-offs.
The jacket: HaoDuoYi’s camo army shirt-jacket is the epitome of comfort. No fussy drawstrings or complicated closures to cramp your suave style.
Pair it with cut-off denim shorts or distressed jeans and a soft white T for a classic and undeniably sexy look built to outlast more than a fashion season or two.
The shoes: Anything past flip-flops or sneakers is too far.

Embellished Cotton Twill Military Jacket


The contrast between a military look and a soft, feminine style offers a powerful fashion statement, and one that can easily be worked into most women’s wardrobes. A structured jacket with a miliary vibe creates an interesting look when paired with more feminine pieces. What’s more, this type of outfit can go from day to night with ease.

The mood: You might be in the know where fashion is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that practicality is not on your list of priorities. You appreciate something feminine that goes from day to night without it rumpling your feathers.
The jacket: Cinq á Sept’s embellished cotton twill jacket is a little bit retro, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot of fun, with a snap placket and four nifty flap-front pockets.
Pair it with a super-feminine dress or floral print jumpsuit to soften the jacket’s structured, masculine silhouette, giving your look the girly edge that will seamlessly carry you from work time to playtime.
The shoes: Heels are the shoes of choice for this look. The strappier, the better. Extra points for nude heels that promise to lengthen your legs.


When you want to dress with modern edgy style, a military-inspired piece can help take you there. Look for eye-catching details like studs and zippers, as well as a modern, fitted design for a look that will turn heads with its bold modern flair.

Yonala Sharp Shoulder

The mood: You might be off to the hum-drum office, but, in your mind, you’re darting from show to show at New York Fashion Week.
The jacket: Yonala’s studded shoulder denim military jacket is exactly the kind of piece a fashion-forward gal needs in order to rock the trend without looking like every other Jane this side of the train tracks. With ornate detailing at the cuffs and waist, this zipped-up beauty will shamelessly stand apart from the rest.
Pair it with a midi-length skirt, dress or culottes in a contrasting fabric and color and you’ll immediately wash the “standard” out of “standard issue.”
The shoes: Chunky heels, brogues or boots are the way to go, and for a slightly edgier edge, go with contrasting colors.

Zip Up and Button Hooded Military Jacket


Preppy looks are excellent for many work environments, casual wear, and more, offering a fresh, sharp look that can be worn for many occasions. When you want a no-nonsense style that exudes confidence, a preppy military jacket with classic clean lines might be your go-to piece.

The mood: One can never own enough white shirts, ballerina flats or luxury cars, all of which demand the perfect military jacket with no added frills or of-the-moment passing trends.
The jacket: MBE’s army green field jacket is as classic as classic can get. Made of ultra-soft, 100% cotton canvas, it has a concealed hood, lots of pockets, and a drawstring waist for a little sexy when needed.
Pair it with a button-down shirt or a simple sweatshirt over dark skinny jeans or jeggings.
The shoes: Good ‘ol Converse All-Stars for the casual classic look, and ballerina flats for a little added sophistication.


While you might not immediately associate this type of jacket with a sophisticated outfit, there are plenty of modern, elegant designs that perfectly align with a refined style. You can find jackets without the structured, masculine looks that easily conform to more graceful styles but that still pack a bold modern punch.

Infantry Army Jacket

The mood: You know that nothing shouts sophistication like the combination of black and white (or grey), and a jacket with just the right touch of military chic makes for the perfect statement piece.
The jacket: Current/Elliott’s slouchy, infantry army jacket adds biker-jacket touches to the mix, for a subtle softness with none of the masculinity typically associated with military jackets.
Pair it with black pleather skinnys and a sleek white top, whether button-down, cowl-neck or super luxe T.
The shoes: Black ankle-boots or black chunky mules will make your legs seem endless.

A Fashion Staple

Created with every body type in mind, the military style jacket is one of the great fashion staples of the twentieth century and has carried well into the twenty-first. Along with jeans, sneakers and the white T-shirt, the military jacket is here to stay.


By Jeannine Diego

Fashion Designer


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