East West Army – Terms & Conditions

East West Army

Is a Danish based webshop and blog available at: https://ewarmy.com

Physical location of business and products (unless other is stated) is available in our Contact Form.

Corona Virus 11-04-2020

The global pandemic has had immense effect on all commerce around the world and is expected to have so in the foreseeable future.

East West Army concider the situation a contractual Force Mejeure that may or may not affect your particular order.

In stock items are shipped to you immediately, however, we have no influence on cargo to you. It appears that items are getting through and we are taking all precautions to meet your request.

Out of stock (Backorder) items are in most cases available with a slight delay. However, stock is running low due to cancelled shipments from major ports around the world. In case of significant delays for delivery, you will be notified and given the choice to withdraw or wait for your delivery.

Standard Items

are charged after your order is shipped to you.


Are charged after your order is shipped to you.

Partial Deliveries

Due to fx. backorder of certain items, are charged after your partial delivery is shipped to you.

Customised Items

The payment is charged when customisation is initiated.

Payment Methods
American Express – Discover – MasterCard – Visa – Visa elektron

Credit Card information is posted in an embedded window owned and managed by our authorised 3’rd Party Payment Gateway. This implies that we do not receive nor hold credit card information given by you.

Once your payment is cleared by our payment gateway, we process your order and ship to the address provided by you.

Your payment is claimed after shipping your order.

Bank Transfer

Payments by bank transfer will take a few days to clear according to banking policies. Once your payment is cleared in our account, we will process and ship your order.

Pay Pal

Is available for you to use for your Payments. Transfer and clearance is subject to PayPal policy. Once your payment clears into our PayPal account, we process and ship your order.

Apple Pay – Google Pay

Apple Pay appears at the add to cart button or checkout when shopping from an Apple Pay supported model. Payments are handled by our licensed 3’rd party gateway.

Once your payment is cleared by our payment gateway, we process your order and ship to the address provided by you.

Your payment is claimed after shipping your order.

Google Pay is supported by android 5.0 Lollipop on models supporting Near Field Communication (NFC) and Host-based Card Emulation (HCE).

Google Pay may also be activated for computers through Google Cloud. This is a one time activation of your credit card, giving you access to online shopping at East West Army.

Google Payments are handled by our licensed 3’rd party gateway. Once your payment is cleared by our payment gateway, we process your order and ship to the address provided by you.

Your payment is claimed after shipping your order.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All prices presented to consumers must include VAT according to Danish law. This means that prices presented on this site are inclusive of VAT.

Are you visiting the site anonymously, VAT presented to you is 25% according to Danish law.

European Union (EU)

For EU deliveries, VAT is calculated per country and is included in the price.

The exact calculation is performed once we know your delivery address. Either at checkout, if you sign in and specify your delivery address or if you are a returning signed in customer.

Outside European Union

For international deliveries outside EU, VAT is deducted from the purchase at checkout and not charged, since the customer is expected to pay VAT in your respective country.


We initiate order processing as soon as possible. Typically shipping 1-3 working days after payment conditions are fulfilled. In case of backorder, your order (full or partial) may be delayed.


We ship to all countries until further notice. In case of “Force Mejeure” situations your order may be affected beyond our control.


A complex algorithm will calculate the cheapest available carrier price for you based on your delivery address. Shipment go out from Copenhagen – Denmark, unless other is specified for specific products.

  • Denmark – DAO365
  • Near Countries – CoolRunner
  • Near Europe – CoolRunner
  • Central Europe – CoolRunner
  • Far Europe – CoolRunner
  • Extended Europe – GLS Zone 4 & 5
  • North America – GLS Zone 6
  • Asia – GLS Zone 7
  • Middle and Far East – GLS Zone 8
  • Catch All – GLS Zone 9

If you think shipping is over-prized, please contact us. Your country may have slipped into the “catch all” destination.

Incoterm C&F – “Cost and Freight”

This implies that we sort out carrier and export and you sort out import and customs.


Your purchace is sent to you from within the European Union (EU) unless other is specified.

European Union (EU)

As per the free movement of goods agreement there is no customs for your purchase.

Outside European Union

Deliveries outside EU goes through import countries customs. We provide the following information for custom declaration.

  1. Sender – Name, Address and phone/mail
  2. Recipient – Name, Adress and phone/mail
  3. Invoice in English
  4. Description of goods – Units and price
  5. Currency and customs value
  6. Original signature and company stamp
  7. Place of origin if the product comes from inside EU
Right of Return
Right of Withdrawal – 14 Days

Is valid for private consumers only (B2C trading) where purchases are made online in our webshop.

Physical B2C purchases in store, meet&greet, markets etc, where products are inspected are not covered by the Right of Return.

Professional purchases (B2B Trading) is not covered by the Right of Return.

The customer (B2C) has 14 days full right of return in case the product does not meet your expectations, does not fit or you simply regret the purchase. The 14 days count from the day of reception by you or 3rd party (Not the carrier).

In case of multi product purchase you may return part of your order.

If you wish to return your purchase, please inform us via our return form.

While the product is in your care, you are responsible for any devaluation such as use and damages. Claims will be adjusted accordingly.

Products must be returned in it’s original wrapping.

Your return must be handed back to the carrier service within 14 days from your notification to us. Send to:

East West Army, Visdal 13, 7870 Glyngøre, Denmark

Return shipping fee is covered by you. A fee similar to the shipping fee at purchase may be assumed but not guaranteed. This is not valid for free shipments.

Please note, customised items as specified by you are not covered under the Right of Return.

Right of Complaint – 24 months

Should the product be flawed beyond normal use and wear and tear, you have the Right of Complaint for 24 months upon delivery of the Item.

If you wish to report a complaint, please inform us via our return form, and specify in detail what the problem is.

In case of return, make sure to save your reciept for freight and optionally Track and Trace.

Should you wish to appeal the decision on the specific matter, you may do so at:

DK – Consume

EU – Consumers

Please include our email for the appeal: [email protected]


Sales are conducted from Denmark, hence Danish law shall apply in case of disputes regarding transaction, transport, products, reimbursements, returns and other issues that may arise.

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