Locate quality military garments, gadgets and related items that fits everyday style in the modern world. So that you don't have to.


Launch inspirational articles and blogs, that bridge the modern trend with military classics. For your entertainment.

The Search

The search and collection of military items and inspiration into the world of fashion and trend was always latent. It all came about with contacts to the former Soviet Union. Coming from Europe this is not a usual link to have these days.

Now in my time I have seen really great material and products in Uniforms and Brands and a large number of items fits the bill for everyday life when taken out of context.

Cool Military Style

What we find particularly cool about military inspiration is that it is built to last in a timeless classic fashion. This means that investment in these garments is sure to meet your requirement for a long time. Also sustainability plays a big part here. Army, Navy and Airforce produce in large volumens. Recycling what are still great items just makes a lot of sence. For me, you and especially for the environment. Some people prefer to shop long lasting which is exactly what we offer. Some people like style switching, well you can keep coming back to products from here. One fits all.

What We Look for

Our interest goes beyond Nations, Politics, Culture and History. If an item fits the East West Army Code, we are interested in bringing it to the market.

Please note: Certain items will never see the civil market. There is a justified concern about infiltration by foreign powers. This is particularly the case for camouflage field uniforms.

We are interested in contacts to military outsource fascilities. If you know any, please let us know.

Is something missing in our shop, or if you have ideas for nationalities or even new brands, let us know. But please understand, we are new and building the business.