Alpha Industries - Remove Before Flight

Remove Before Flight

Plain and simple, Alpha Industries is to MA-1 flight, N-2B Arctic, and M-65 field jackets what Levi’s is to denim.

Schott NYC Perfecto

Born to be Wild – NYC Perfecto

Everyone knows this silhouette, however, the biker jacket’s rise to stardom is familiar to few. A zipper, a strike of luck and likability is all it takes.

Nude in French & Woman in Chinese

NÜ Denmark is a stylist inspiration for women, that wish to stand out in a raw, sophisticated and feminine way. NÜ has succeeded to do so through a credible brand of high quality and finesse for the independent and stylish Lady.

Alternative Category - Brandit

Casual & Practical with Style

We are happy to announce the cooperation between East West Army as official dealer of Brandit Individual Wear. Gear is still hitting the shelf at the time of writing.