Alpha Industries - Flying A
Alpha Industries – Flying A

Plain and simple, Alpha Industries is to MA-1 flight jackets, N-2B arctic parka, and M-65 field jackets what Levi’s is to denim.

We are happy to announce East West Army as official dealer of heritage, as well as fashion garments from Alpha Industries. Products are under way and introduced accordingly.

Alpha Legacy

A few honourable mentions from the legacy of Alpha Industries. Since 1959, Alpha Industries has produced high-performance outerware worn by military and civilians alike.

1959 – Alpha Wins it’s First DOD Contracts

Alpha Industries is awarded it’s first U.S. Department of Defense contracts to manufacture Air Force N-3B parkas and Navy shipboard shirts. This is the first real test for the fledgling apparel company.

1963 – Contracts for Type MA-1 & Type N-2B

Alpha Industries - Type MA-1

Alpha Industries is awarded its first contracts for several outerwear styles, including the MA-1 jacket and N-2B parka. These military jackets become iconic in the coming years.

1965 – Contract for the U.S. Army’s M-65 Field Coat

Alpha receives its first contracts for the Army’s newly developed M-65 field coat. This is the beginning of Alpha receiving government contracts to produce the M-65 for the following 25 years.

1970 – Alpha Enters the Commercial Market

To keep production lines running between government contracts, Alpha begins manufacturing small amounts of jackets for the commercial market under several different brand names, including Concord Industries and Intercon Apparel. The “3-Bar Logo” is introduced to differentiate consumer and DOD products.

1992 – Alpha Introduces “Flying A” Logo

As Alpha’s presence in the consumer market continues to grow, the logo gets refreshed. The “Flying A” logo references Alpha’s military heritage as well as the three-bar labels that Alpha had become known for.

2019 – Celebrating 60 Years

Alpha celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic M-65 Field Coat. The anniversary is commemorated with special limited-edition products and culminated in a galla event with all of Alpha’s international partners.

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