East West Army


  • Site Reconstruction

    Site Reconstruction

    After some concideration and years of hard work from our previous design and layout, we have decided to initiate a complete make-over of East West Army. Fair warning is that our interface will take a few days to get complete.

  • Remove Before Flight

    Remove Before Flight

    Plain and simple, Alpha Industries is to MA-1 flight jackets and M-65 field jackets what Levi’s is to denim.

  • Russian & Belarussian Commerce Suspended

    Russian & Belarussian Commerce Suspended

    The Russian and Belarusian invasion of Ukraine is the exact opposite of the foundation of East West Army, therefore, orders from and shipments to Russia and Belarus are suspended until further notice.


  • Alpha Industries
  • Henrik B. Hansen - Works
  • Military Surplus
  • ROC Denmark

National Legacies

  • Norway
  • Soviet Union
  • Australia
  • Vanautu